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Architecture Major Guide
Program in Environmental Design Study Abroad Guide
Study Abroad Programs
(re)map your education: study abroad

program in environmental design study abroad guide

general study abroad information

CU-Boulder Study Abroad Programs offers over 400 programs in over 70 countries! Please visit the following web pages for more information and to get started.

  • To start researching options and to learn about next steps, visit the Getting Started page.
  • Academic Information provides details about courses, credits, and grades.
  • The Finances page provides extensive information regarding program costs, billing, financial aid, and scholarships.
  • Answers to most other questions not answered in this guide can be found here.

environmental design students: academic considerations

environmental design study abroad credits:

View of Shanghai by Lindsey Weaver

how will my courses fulfill my requirements?

  • Don't miss the list of over 3,000 courses pre-approved for various majors!
  • On any CU-Boulder program that offers ENVD coursework, you can take courses in theory, history, systems, environmental design, graphics, and other areas. These courses may fulfill certain college requirements, or they may count as ENVD electives.
  • Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are commonly offered on study abroad programs. Students can often fulfill one or two non-ENVD electives while abroad, in combination with ENVD coursework.
  • It is possible to fulfill Studio 3, 4, or 5 credit on most programs.

when should i study abroad?

First-year and sophomore students

Talk to your academic advisor and start planning for study abroad! Before going abroad on a full-semester or year-long program, ARCH students should take all core requirements and Studio 1 and 2, and all ENVD students should take the following courses: ENVD 1004, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2100, and 3210. Summer programs and faculty-led programs are available to students after their first year of study!


Full-semester programs are available to students starting in their third year; for this reason, students are encouraged to go abroad during their third year. However, there may be opportunities for students to study abroad during their fourth year as well.


The first semester of your senior year is also a possible study abroad term; work closely with your advisor to ensure that you can complete all requirements. If you study abroad during your senior year, be sure that you know when the credits may be transcripted, as this can delay your official graduation date.

Summers in between

If you are unable to study abroad for a full semester, participation on a summer program is a great alternative!

Firenze, Italy by Sarah Grimsdale

for how long should I study abroad?

  • Summer: programs range from 2-12 weeks in duration and students can earn 3-12 credits (depending on program)
  • Semester: programs are typically about 4 months in duration and students can earn 12-18 credits
  • Academic Year: most programs begin in August/September and end in May/June. Students earn 24-36 credits (varies by program)
  • Calendar Year: begins in February/March and ends in November, preferred year-long option for most programs south of equator

*Full-year study abroad may delay graduation for ENVD majors. Meet with your academic advisor as soon as possible to plan ahead.

how do i get courses evaluated for my specific major/minor requirements?

where can i find details on the academics of a particular cu-boulder study abroad program?

  • You can find this information in the academic chart on the program’s page of the CU-Boulder Study Abroad website OR in your program-specific handbook.

study environmental design in the americas

La Paz, Mexico: Contingent Future (faculty-led summer global seminar)

  • Learn about Mexican culture through site explorations and personal encounters in and around the beautiful bayside city of La Paz
  • Investigate how cultural heritage and a delicate landscape environment are involved with future development and tourism
  • Earn 6 credits in 4.5 weeks!

study environmental design in the middle east

Blue Mosque Sunset by Lauren Shapiro

Istanbul, Turkey: CU-Boulder Global Seminar - Urban Design Studio (summer)

  • Study urban design in Istanbul, a city where history intersects with a modern urban population
  • Visit various historic areas, palaces, mosques, and parks, as well as an overnight visit to Assos and Troy
  • Develop urban design proposals for selected sites
  • Taught and led by Matthew Jelacic, an assistant professor of environmental design and an adjunct faculty member of the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities at CU-Boulder

study environmental design in europe

Ryan at Copenhagen Harbor by Ryan Wakat

Copenhagen, Denmark: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)

  • Courses taught in English - no prior knowledge of Danish required
  • Experience a charming and dynamic city with plenty of cultural and social opportunities
  • Take part in pre-arranged study tours that explore design in various European locations
  • Option to live with a Danish host family or with Danish students
  • Complete Studio 3 credit or, with prior faculty approval, Studio 4 or special studio credit. Other courses may be applied towards methods, theory, design, or history.

Florence, Italy: Syracuse University

  • Experience the history and charm of Tuscany while living with an Italian host family!
  • Enjoy several included local and regional excursions
  • Explore some of the most famous art and architecture in the world
  • Complete studio 3 credit or, with faculty approval, studio 4 or special credit. Other courses may be applied towards methods, theory, design, or history as appropriate.

Rome, Italy: University of Minnesota

  • Study architecture and design in the amazing city of Rome - with historical architecture all around you!
  • Take "Roman Design Studio" which focuses on transforming historical buildings to fit 21st Century needs
  • Choose additional courses in architecture/design, Italian language, and other areas

Rome, Italy: Urban Site Analysis and Design (faculty-led summer global seminar)

  • Learn about urban design in the heart of Italy's ancient city of Rome
  • Visit the famous area of Rome called Ostia Antica and participate in other excursions around Rome
  • Take three credits from Professor John Barbour, senior instructor in Environmental Design at CU-Boulder
  • Earn 6 total credits that count towards studio credit or ENVD electives

Barcelona, Spain: Architecture & Design (CIEE)

  • Study architecture and design in a dynamic European metropolis
  • Understand the role that culture plays in architecture and design
  • Enjoy a bicultural and multilingual life in Catalonia, one of Spain's most vivacious and prosperous regions
  • Earn studio credit

study environmental design in oceania

Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

  • Study at a prestigious Australian university while living in the vibrant city of Sydney!
  • Courses offered in Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Traditional Architecture, and more!
  • Students may take Studio 3 credit and may petition for studio 4 or additional studio credit.
Brisbane Skyline by Kim Kreutzer


There are a variety of internships in numerous locations around the world. Students can choose from part-time internships combined with a slightly reduced course load during a semester abroad, or full-time internships during a summer abroad. To search for internships, use the Advanced Search page and select internships from the 'special opportunities' section. Currently, full-time summer internships are available in the following locations, for most career fields:

Yin & Yang in Hong Kong by Sarah Hurwitz