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Staff : Sylvie Burnet-Jones
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Sylvie Burnet-Jones
Office Hours:
Your first step is to complete Study Abroad 101, which covers important information to help you get started and can be completed online or in person. Click here for more information.

We offer Global and Regional advising. Check the advising schedule to plan your visit.

For Sylvie's Fall 2014 Office Hours, please see below.

Associate Director and Study Abroad Program Manager
User Image About Sylvie Burnet-Jones:
Sylvie Burnet-Jones manages the programs listed below and she is the Director of Global Seminars, working with faculty on new proposals and program development.

Walk In Office Hours for Fall 2014: Thursdays, 2-3:45 p.m.
If this time does not work for you, please e-mail me by clicking on the button above and let me know what times would work for you so we can set up an appointment.

Current Program Portfolio:
  1. CIEE Cambodia: Siem Reap Cambodian Studies (summer)
  2. CIEE China: Beijing Advanced Chinese Studies
  3. CIEE China: Beijing Chinese Language & Society
  4. CIEE China: Beijing Environmental, Cultural & Economic Sustainability
  5. CIEE China: Beijing Intensive Chinese Language
  6. CIEE China: Beijing Intensive Chinese Language (summer)
  7. CIEE China: Nanjing Chinese Studies (summer)
  8. CIEE China: Nanjing Intensive Chinese Language & Culture
  9. CIEE China: Shanghai Accelerated Chinese Language
  10. CIEE China: Shanghai Accelerated Chinese Language (summer)
  11. CIEE China: Shanghai Business, Language & Culture (summer)
  12. CIEE China: Shanghai Business, Language, & Culture
  13. CIEE China: Shanghai China in a Global Context
  14. CIEE China: Shanghai Internship (summer)
  15. CIEE India: Hyderabad Arts & Sciences
  16. CIEE South Korea: Seoul Arts & Sciences
  17. CIEE South Korea: Seoul Korean Studies (summer)
  18. CIEE Taiwan: Taipei Communications, Business & Political Economy
  19. CIEE Taiwan: Taipei Intensive Chinese Language & Culture
  20. CIEE Thailand: Khon Kaen Community Public Health
  21. CIEE Thailand: Khon Kaen Development & Globalization
  22. Exchange: National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  23. Exchange: National University of Singapore, Singapore
  24. Exchange: Sichuan University in Chengdu, China
  25. Global Seminar: Art in France (Paris, France)
  26. Global Seminar: Art in Spain (Madrid, Spain)
  27. Global Seminar: Beijing: Window on Modern China (Beijing, China)
  28. Global Seminar: China Thru TIME (Beijing, China)
  29. Global Seminar: Doing Business in China (Beijing & Shanghai, China)
  30. Global Seminar: International Operations (Hong Kong, China)
  31. Global Seminar: Self-Awareness & Images of the Other (Xi'an, China)