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Leading a Faculty-Led Global Seminar

Faz on the Mountain by Adrienne Bortree, Brazil

Global Seminars offer a unique opportunity for a faculty member to lead a group of university students abroad. Generally, Global Seminars meet the following criteria:

  • are taught outside of the United States
  • last approximately 12 days to several weeks
  • are offered in the summer or between the fall and spring semesters
  • are taught and directed by a CU-Boulder faculty member
  • involve a group of students (typically 15) going to the same location for the same time period
  • offer a CU-Boulder course (or courses) or are part of a CU-Boulder course which fulfills a CU degree or major requirement
  • are sponsored and supported by CU-Boulder

To get a better idea of the breadth of existing offerings, look at the Global Seminars currently offered by CU-Boulder.

Proposing a Global Seminar

If you are interested in proposing a Global Seminar, please follow these steps:

  1. Learn about the proposal process (note the proposal deadlines):
    Policy on Eligibility (.pdf)
    Proposing a Global Seminar (.pdf)

  2. Learn about Faculty Director responsibilities and guidelines:
    Faculty Director Responsibilities (.pdf)
    Policy on Family & Visitors (.pdf)

  3. Set up a meeting with the Study Abroad office:
    You must set up your meeting prior to beginning your program proposal. To request a meeting time, email Sylvie Burnet-Jones, Director of Global Seminars in the Office of International Education

  4. Download the proposal form:
    Global Seminar Proposal Form (.doc)

Additional Resources
  • Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit
    This toolkit has been developed to be used primarily by faculty to aid in the development and implementation of embedded programs (i.e. international components to a course taught on campus) but it also includes helpful information for faculty developing a global seminar where the whole course is taught abroad.

  • Travel and Safety Information
    This page will help you learn more about travel and safety conditions abroad.